Milton Galeas,
VP of Academics – ALPFA Orange County

It was such as pleasure to meet so many people at the ALPFA 2017 Convention. I was very impressed with the way the event was organized and the quality of workshops offered to all the students and participants. Thank you for the opportunity to present 3 workshops. I was very impressed with the turnout of students and professionals, especially the second workshop “Alteryx for Excel Users”, which I co-presented with Pete Vara, KPMG Forensic Technology. We had over 260 attendees, all eager to learn about Alteryx. At the other two workshops I had a combined total of 120 participants for the new revenue standard.

Also, as the VP of Academics for the ALPFA Orange County professional chapter, I was very glad to see all the students from USCLA, USCLB, UCR, USC Fullerton, USC and Pomona whom I have met at other events. If possible, next year, I would like to do more workshops around technology, since there is a huge appetite from students and professionals, especially around robotics, finance automation, and data analytics.

On a personal note, I never thought ALPFA would have made such a positive impact in my personal and professional life.
I am very proud to be part of and serve in this organization.

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