ALPFA OC Member Spotlight:
Vicente Correa

Hello my name is Vicente Correa;
I am a senior at California State University Fullerton where I will graduate in December with a double concentration in Accounting and Management. I was privileged to participate in the FEI Pilot Mentor Program at CSUF last semester; it was a collaborative effort between the ALPFA OC Chapter and FEI OC.  My mentor was Jeff Batliner from Iteris who provided great career and MBA advice. The program was a success; I met many executives, was named one of four FEI 2017 Proteges, and received the 2017 FEI Scholarship. I highly encourage students to apply to the FEI Mentor Program.

This summer I had another wonderful opportunity to go to the ALPFA convention. The convention was amazing because I learned a lot, I met many great people, and it was an amazing experience. There were many great workshops for professionals and students; I attended as many as I could. I remember vividly one Workshop where I volunteered as an ambassador for Boeing. I introduced Sean Garcia who talked about negotiation skills. I learned a lot about negotiating and got CPE Credit. There were many great workshops that focused on how to be a great leader. I met a lot of great people from all over the United States, some VPs of important companies, professionals from all disciplines, and students full of great ideas and energy. The cost of the convention was a very small investment compared to the great value that I got out of it.

The reason I was invited to the ALPFA convention is because I am a chapter leader for ALPFA at CSUF. I am engaged with ALPFA because I want to give back. Thanks to being actively engaged as a leader at ALPFA CSUF is what provided me an internship and job at KPMG, LLP. Not only did they offer to help me get a job, but it also helped mold me into a professional. ALPFA has allowed me to learn a lot about leadership, networking, and has allowed opportunities to prove myself as a leader. It is thanks to the knowledge that ALFPA has provided me, that I was able to negotiate the clients and industries that interested me. I also negotiated an earlier end date to allow me to attend the ALPFA convention. I am grateful that ALPFA has allowed me to better navigate my career, and now I want to give back.
Vicente Correa

Thank you Vicente, for truly being a leading member in the ALPFAmilia.
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